Emailing the operator

Not sure why I just now stumbled into this but . . . . I learn something new everyday.  🙂

You set up a SQL agent job and want to be notified when it fails, so you click on the Notifications option for your job and select the email option.  NotificationsYou have already set up DatabaseMail–that works, you set up your operator and it is enabled and has a 24×7 schedule (Déjà vu perhaps; know someone else with that schedule?).  You are all set and know you will be notified when the job fails.  The next day you check your job–not because you got an email, but you just want to see the green check mark of success and instead you see the red x of rejection with this in the details–
NOTE: Failed to notify ‘DBA’ via email.

Say what??  It appears there is one additional step.  Right click on SQL Server Agent and click properties.  On the Alert system option, click the Enable mail profile and choose the profile you set up for DatabaseMail.  Restart the SQL agent, and voilà you start getting emails.  Well, hopefully not too many.  🙂


SQL Saturday 168 Tampa Florida

Saturday November 17th found me in Tampa Florida for SQL Saturday 168, a BI focused conference.  I have had limited opportunities to work in the BI space so I was anxious to learn more and see what the learning curve would be.  I have a client that would like to do BI project and I wanted to see if I could get a better idea of what it would take.  My family and I had been vacationing in Florida that week and I almost considered cutting our trip short and not going–I am glad I went.  It was a good event.

The presentations were good, but they were ALMOST overshadowed by the food!  They had a homemade spread of chicken, rice, beans and veggies and it was excellent.  My conference attendance is somewhat limited, but this was hands down the best food I have eaten at a conference.

My big take aways from the conference were

  1. Self service BI is pretty cool.  The new tools in Excel, DataViewer, and SSAS and pretty need and I hope to be able to get more access to these tools.
  2. Big data is not as scary to me now as it was before the conference.  I was concerned about all the focus on big data and how that would affect me as a DBA.  There is still quite a bit of ramp up; however, it was to my great surprise that Adam Jorgensen said you could be up and running on in 2 hours and change.  Course, I haven’t put that statement to the test yet, but let’s just say it is on my to do list.