SQL Saturday RVA is just under two weeks away and we have been busy trying to get everything in place.  I have had a great team with Wayne Sheffield (b|t) and Geoff Johnson (t) doing some heavy lifting.  Our event will be at the University of Richmond, hosted by the school for continuing studies.  Tammy Alexander has been wonderful to work with and has opened a couple of doors where we thought we had hit a dead-end.

I thought I was familiar with the work required to pull off an event like this; however, it has been a challenge.  PASS has been wonderful and it has been nice to work with Karla Landrum (t).  Our event opened about 6 months ago and I am glad we did, we needed almost every day of it.  I am unsure how some of these events can go up in less than 3 months.

If you are planning to attend the event, I am sure you will have a good time.  We have a great speaker lineup and it continues to amaze me that people will give up their weekend to come and help others learn.  I am excited about being at the University of Richmond and I hope the area we are in fosters conversation and networking.    We will have several items to raffle off and some of our sponsors have free items for every attendee!  I hope to see you there.