Remotely Changing your Password

As I often work remotely from client sites and connect via VPN and Remote Desktop services, I am not in the position to run ctrl + alt + delete and change the password.  In order the change the password via a Remote Desktop session, you enter ctrl + alt + End and this will bring up the change password prompt.

Happy Trails.  🙂

Creating a Linked Server to Oracle

I was recently asked to set up a linked server to Oracle and this is something I have done in the past.  No problem I thought.  To connect to Oracle you need the Oracle Data Access components and I has asked the Oracle DBA if they were installed.  He said yes and that everything was configured on his end.  I referenced David Browne’s blog for a quick review and ensured the Oracle directory was in the PATH variable.

I then proceeded to create the linked server got the following error–ORA-12514:TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Oracle_HomeThere ended up being two issues–the first being, the TNSNames.ora file did not contain the entry for the database I was trying to connect to.  I guess the Oracle DBA didn’t think that was part of his setup.  Secondly, for some reason, the Oracle_Home variable was not set–it was blank.  I am not sure how that is possible; however, once I put the correct path in, I was golden and off and running.

SQL Saturday Orlando

September 14, 2013 was a busy SQLSaturday day with 6 events across the globe.  I happened to find myself in Orlando Floria–the home of SQLSaturday events and I admit I wanted to check out what the originators had planned.  With the increased number of SQLSaturday events, there is an increased awareness of what people like and what people don’t like and I figured the Orlando event would be completely rock’in.  With an organization team of Karla Landrum, Andy Warren, and Kendel Van-Dyke–all superstars in their own right, I was anxious to see their handiwork.  I have to admit I have developed somewhat of a complex at the attitude of some of the speakers and participants about what is and what is not at some events and makes me worried about my own RVA event.  I just knew the Orlando event would be THE event.

A last minute cancellation gave me a presentation spot and I was happy to take it.  I gave my fair or foul presentation and I may have to pick a different analogy.  Not too many sports fan in that session.  🙂

There was a good turnout for the event, and when you have Mickey Mouse in your backyard, there is a lot of competition for your Saturday hours.  The event was at the Seminole State College and while it was roomy and let lots of light into the building, it was wasn’t ornate.  The vendor area was cozy, but each vendor had a tablecloth and the familiar basket to deposit your SpeedPass.  We used three floors of the school and while the school had a normal layout, it took a little trial and error to find your way to your session.

Lunch was served outside as was the end of day raffle.  All the speakers were friendly and were asked to help serve lunch.  I enjoyed catching up with folks I had seen during the day and serving food provided another opportunity to visit and get to know them.  Andy Warren is one of a kind and always one to speak his mind and he was true to form that day as well.

It occurred to me as we were wrapping up, that I have been thinking a little too much about what everyone will think about my event when I know if I put my effort into providing a nice environment for a free day of training, everyone will enjoy it and the community will be better for it.  I am so happy to have been had the opportunity to be at #SQLSat232 and for the reminder of why we put these events on.