1400DevOps for the database–you have probably heard the term if you work in an organization that is deploying code on a regular basis.  The developers have this down to a science, and now it is the database’s turn.  The idea of deploying code and having a certainty it will run correctly instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you don’t see the red error messages has a certain appeal.  There are lots of tools out there now to help with this, but it seems like we still drag our feet.

I know I did.  When I chatted with Cindy Bean from DBMaestro, I didn’t have much database change automation experience.  I had exposure to source control, but DevOps seemed more than that.  After speaking with Cindy I created my first database project in Visual Studio.  I definitely get the idea and hope to implement it fully in my environment.  This episode is an introduction to the idea of database change automation and how you might get started.

I am on the trail, and I hope you will join me as well.  Are you using database automation?  I would love to hear your comments/concerns in the comments below.  This won’t be the last time we discuss this and I hope you see your progress along the path.

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