As data size expands and the way we interact with data changes, in many cases we will need more than one way to store and access that data.  Numerous products have entered the data storage market to solve particular pain points and in this episode we discuss several of the data storage technologies currently available on the market.

The expansion of data and increased expectations the businesses has for analysis and modeling of data we may need more than one storage type to meet those expectations. As data professionals, it is incumbent upon us to understand how these tools work and put them to their best use–before somebody else puts them to sub-optimal use and we are stuck supporting them.  I am joined by Kevin Feasel, a previous guest on the show, who walks us through some of the technologies available and sorts out under what circumstances we want to consider using each one.

Episode Quote:
“We have this great expansion of data requirements and data storage mechanisms . . . but there are some major difficulties with a relational database.”

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In this episode, Kevin gives us his definitions for big and small data and looking to get the right technology for our needs. Let us know if you agree in the comments below!

We touch upon the following technologies in the episode

Relational Database
Multidimensional Database
Hadoop Cluster
Columnstore Database
In-Memory Cache
Key-Value Database
Document Database

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Episode 13 – The Apply Operator

About Kevin Feasel

Kevin is a database administrator for ChannelAdvisor and the leader of the PASS Chapter in the Raleigh NC area.  He also enjoys old German films.

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