Your People, Your Training

Steve and I want to know if you are a lone DBA or an accidental DBA and find it hard sifting through material to help you do your job?  Sure, there are lots of great sites out there–even good podcasts but the topics are all over the place.  If you are interested in getting together with other DBAs in the same position as you to talk about that SQL Server components that are specific to just you and don’t mind giving feedback on what you want to learn about–we have a conference for you!  Based on feedback from our podcast listeners and others in the community, we are going to hold our first ever Compañero Conference in Norfolk, VA on October 4-5.


Perhaps you are not quite sure you are ready to sign up for a conference, but want to stay informed about what we are doing, you can sign up below.  We will email from with updates so you can get additional information about the conference.

Compelling Reasons to Consider

There are lots of conferences and some are in some pretty cool locations.  Why choose ours?  I have come up with a few reasons I hope you will find compelling.  Do you disagree?  Let me know.

  1. Everyone is in the same track.  This means the talk quality is much higher as the event is curated.
  2. We are capping the conference at 50 attendees.  Almost like a training class, but with the organization of a conference.  You will get to know others–and that person just might have the answer to the question you haven’t been able to answer.
  3. Speakers aren’t put on a pedestal.  Sure, we will have MVPs there, but they won’t make you feel silly asking a question and want to have the conversation.
  4. The talks are actionable.  We will ask each speaker to provide a way for you to implement what you have learned as soon as you get back to your office.
  5. Our conference is introvert friendly.  Sure, there will be something for those that want to ham it up a bit, but also for those who don’t.

Come join US on the SQL Trail!