Your People, Your Training

Steve and I want to know if you are a lone DBA or an accidental DBA and find it hard sifting through material to help you do your job?  Sure, there are lots of great sites out there–even good podcasts but the topics are all over the place.  If you are interested in getting together with other DBAs in the same position as you to talk about that SQL Server components that are specific to just you and don’t mind giving feedback on what you want to learn about–let us know.  We will start gathering information and when we have something put together, we will let you know.

While all are welcome to sign up, you probably fall in this category

  • You are the only DBA in your company
  • You have other responsibilities beyond the database
  • You use mostly third party products
  • You aren’t taking advantage of the training your company has
  • You want to be able to connect with others

There is no commitment required, we just want to know if you are interested.

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