The Podcast for SQL Server Professionals

Each week, Steve Stedman and Carlos L Chacon host a podcast dedicated to SQL Server related topics and we invite you to join the conversation.  If we reached out to you or if you just heard we had open slots, we want to talk with you about what you are doing with SQL Server.  Sometimes the conversations are technical with specifics on a feature or function and sometimes the discussions are based on the story–why and how you decided to use a feature.  We also have professional development based episodes with a focus on data professionals and their situations. You can check out some of the previous episodes to get a feel for the topics we cover and folks we normally talk to.

Along with the conversation, we also want to get to know you a bit more.  Below is more information on how to get started so we can have you on the show.  We normally record on Tuesdays.  If this really just doesn’t work for you, let us know; however, even if we have to push it out a few weeks, we can normally find a Tuesday we can agree on.


We would love to have you.  Interested yet?

What you will need

  • A microphone is the best option, but not mandatory.  Microphones on a headset work or it can be a separate mic.
  • If you don’t have a microphone you will need earbuds/headset at a minimum.  When we record, a loop gets created if you listen and record on your computer and it hurts the sound quality.
  • You should be feeling healthy.  If you are under the weather, we can simply reschedule.
  • Answers for the SQLFamily questions.

The way we roll

  • It is ok for you to talk about third party products.  You can even reference projects you are working on.
  • We will link to any blog post articles you want to include.
  • No cursing.
  • The recording will be as conversational as possible.  Sometime we will have a specific question or other times it is just a comment and you can feel free to jump in.
  • We have a professional editor we use to help make the recording sound nice.  If you mess up and need to restart or rephrase, this is not a problem.  If we talk about something you aren’t sure of, we can remove the question all together or find the answer and put in afterwards.

SQLFamily Questions

At the end of the show, we have a section called SQLFamily and these are just a few get to know you type questions and have a bit of fun.
– How did you first get started with SQL Server?
– If you could change one thing about SQL Server what would it be?
– Best piece of career advice you have received.
– If you could have one superhero power what would it be and why do you want it?


Ready to schedule your episode?

You can choose a time that works for you from the calendar below.

Schedule Your Recording

How long is the recording?

We schedule one hour to allow for a bit of prep time, review any questions and then start recording.  We normally aim for about 25-40 minutes of recorded content and an hour normally allows us to do this.  Need more time?  Let us know and we can discuss.

What do you use for recording?

We use a service called Zencaster.  This service uses either a Firefox or Chrome browser so you can record from anywhere you have an internet connection.  We will send you the link for the episode as we get closer to the recording date.