SQL Server Monitoring Made Easy

Introducing the Database Health Monitor

Database Health Monitor is a powerful performance monitoring tool that allows administrators to assess the server health of their SQL Server environment, all from a central console.

The Database Health Monitor will install a lightweight application on your machine and you can then connect to your SQL Server.  You can collect live stats or you can also collect historical information by installing a small database and data will be collected there.

Database Health Monitor was created by Steve Stedman and if there is something you think should be in the tool, just let me know in the contact form below and we can look at adding it.

Not sure where to start?

Try the quick scan report

The quick scan report can point out some immediate trouble spots and let you know where you start your efforts.  The results of the quick scan report compare current best practices to your SQL Server and point any discrepancies.  If you need more help on what you need to do to change something, a link is provided taking you to some documentation.

How do I get Database Health Monitor?

The download is available on the website databasehealth.com.

Quick Scan Report

Getting your feedback

If you have used the database health monitor, I invite you to give us your thoughts in our survey.