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SQL Server PodcastIn this SQL Server podcast, Steve Stedman and Carlos L Chacon discuss a variety of SQL Server related topics mixed with a sprinkling of professional development.  We want to introduce new and familiar topics and talk about them in a way you may have not considered.  We are all on different stages as data professionals, and we can all something new.  We hope you will join us on the SQL trail compañeros–you won’t regret it.

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Past Episodes

Episode 123: Top 5 things to know when getting admin access

With much privilege comes much responsibility.

Episode 121: What makes a good manager?

From your viewpoint and the viewpoint of other managers

Episode 119: Should I get involved with GitHub?

Do you have a GitHub account? Should you?

Episode 117: PASS Summit Retrospective

Our recap of our Summit experience

Episode 115: The Companero Conference Retrospective

Should we have another conference?

Episode 113: Standing on the shoulders of giants

We all have a need to be grateful.

Episode 111: How do you prepare for conferences?

How do you prepare for a conference?

Episode 124: Beyond the runbook; DR Organization

What IT can learn from medical responders.

Episode 122: Isolation Levels

How does your transaction behave in certain scenarios?

Episode 120: SQL Injection

Hasn’t this already been fixed?

Episode 118: How has index maintenance changed?

Sean brings us up to speed on the latest in index maintenance.

Episode 116: Are people still using PSSDiag?

An overview of the Microsoft data collection tool

Episode 114: How do you start consulting?

If you have the itch, how do you know when you should jump?

Episode 112: Keeping up with patching

It’s only patching.  Yeah, right.

Episode 109 : To Certify Or Not to Certify?

The pros and challenges of IT certification.

Episode 107: BI for the Little Guy

Business intelligence is not just for big companies anymore.

Episode 105: When is enough, enough?

How do you know when a change you have made is working?

Episode 103: Plan Reuse

The pros and cons of trying to reuse execution plans

Episode 101: Inspecting a new Database

What should you be looking at when you get a new database?

Episode 99: Imposter Syndrome

Are You Faking it, and Will They Find Out?

Episode 97: Transactional Replication

A discussion on replication, when you should use it and how best to administer it.

Episode 95: Polybase

How is your SQL Server going to talk to your big data system?  Polybase.

Episode 93: Making Mistakes

Steve and I talk about making mistakes, why they are important and how to recover when they happen.

Episode 91: DBA Tools

We chat with the team at DBA Tools.io about the problems they are trying to solve and how you can get involved.

Episode 89: Lone DBA

Are you the only DBA in your organization?  Get your survival guide here.

Episode 87: Resource Governor

Get better stats from your database and tame wild processes at the same time with Resource Governor.

Episode 85: 2016 Speedbumps

Not everyone had a smooth transition to SQL 2016 and Javier shares his experience.

Episode 83: Data Visualizations

There are lots of reporting tools out there, but how many times have you thought about what your reports actually look like?

Episode 81: Indexes Part 1

Getting back to basics, we talk about indexes and the implications of choosing or not choosing the way your data is structured.

Episode 79: SSIS Catalog

We talk with Andy Leonard about the SSIS catalog and some of the issues migrating packages between environments.

Episode 77: Reporting Improvements SQL Server 2016

We kick off the new year talking with Paul Turley about why there are so many reporting tools and under what conditions you might use the new features in SSRS.

Episode 75: Testing Storage Devices

Argenis shares his thoughts on how should you be testing your data storage.

Episode 73: SQL Server Performance Tuning

Pinal Dave shares his thoughts on performance tuning.

Episode 71: Tools of the trade

Many analyst tools are right in front of you.

Episode 69: SQL Server Install Checklist

We have all been there–next, next, next–let’s just get this install done. While there are many ways to get SQL Server installed on a server, the real impact is in the way we administer the database and when we want to get good performance.

Episode 67: Dear Developer

Hear from Microsoft MVPs and SQL Server consultants such as Allen White, Kevin Feasel, Jonathan Stewart, Tim McAliley and others, as they give their thoughts on setting up and testing the test environment.

Episode 65: Building a Great Data Architecture

Does your organization use a data warehouse? Maybe you have a cube but find it hard to maintain? This week on the SQL Trail, Steve and I chat with Jason Horner about building a good data architecture.

Episode 63: Availability Groups

In Episode 59 we talked about general data availability options. In this episode we focus on the new features of Availability Groups in 2016 and how data availability options have changed with our guest John Sterrett. John shares his experience getting a large database to a highly available situation along with some other ways to use availability groups.

Episode 61: The Debrief

Have you ever experienced a post-project meeting that seemed more like a game of point-the-finger and less about lessons learned? We have! That’s why we brought Russ Thomas on the show for Episode 61, “The Debrief”.

Episode 59: Mirroring, Availability Groups, Replication, and Log shipping

Steve and I chat with Andy Mallon and Mariano Kovo about the differences between availability groups, mirroring, log shipping, and replication.

Episode 57: The SQL Server Hit List - Our Least Favorite Features

Steve and I take a page out of the SQL Server Radio book and talk about 10 of our least favorite features.

Episode 55: Reporting Services Changes in SQL 2016

Jessica M. Moss drops in the studio to talk about some of the new features of SSRS and how this plays into the larger ecosystem of reporting for data professionals.

Episode 53: Storage Options

We talk storage options, LUNs, IOPs, with Argenis Fernandez and he shares why he thinks we all need to approach storage a lot differently.

Episode 51: A PowerShell Story

How would you feel if you could automate all of your mundane, routine SQL Server tasks? If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in PowerShell, then this episode is for you.

Episode 49: Table Variables vs Temp Tables in SQL Server

When you code and you need to use a temporary object what do you use in SQL Server–temp tables or a table variable?

Episode 47: Where should I put my data?

As data size expands and the way we interact with data changes, in many cases we will need more than one way to store and access that data.

Episode 45: Service Broker

Talking with Wolf about possibly one of the most underrated SQL Server features–Service Broker.

Episode 43: Why is ETL so hard?

If you’ve ever thought about improving your ETL game, this episode is for you. We discuss some of the issues facing ETL folks.

Episode 41: Index Maintenance

Does the thought of setting up your index maintenance plan keep you up at night? Are you looking for ways to make the job easier? This episode is about the care and feeding of indexes.

Episode 39: Statistics Parser

Dataveloper, SET STATISTICS IO ON, Richie Rump and statisticsparser.com OH MY!

Episode 37: Power BI

We chat about Microsoft PowerBI. PowerBI is a business intelligence tool that easily connects disparate data sources to create dashboards.

Episode 35: Position Yourself to Better Opportunities

On Episode 35 of The SQL Data Partners Podcast, I talk with Philip Morgan of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms. Philip’s book has influenced my work at SQL Data Partners, so I wanted to bring him on and share his insights with the rest of you on the SQL Trail.

Episode 33: Moving From the Developer Role to the DBA

In this episode of SQL Data Partners, I chat with Amy Herold about making the move from development to database administration.

Episode 31: What Has Virtualization Done To My Database?

As database administrators, we have to live with virtualization. As a consultant, I can’t think of a single environment I have been in that didn’t have some of the SQL Servers virtualized.

Episode 29: Are You Thinking What SQL Server is Thinking?

We each have our way of going about things–this is what makes us unique.  When it comes to getting data out of the database, many times we might think that SQL Server would go about getting data the same way we would.

Episode 27: Testing Changes Before You Break Production

Have you ever wanted a feature to help you assess the impact of future SQL Server upgrades, the impact of hardware or operating system upgrades, and for SQL Server tuning? Well, that tool has been around since 2012, but I have found that not many people have used Distributed Replay.

Episode 25: Stretch Database

SQL Server 2016 has several new features and this episode explores the stretch database feature. One of the unique attributes of this feature is that it uses both the on-premise instance and the Azure platform.

Episode 23: IO, IO, It's Off to Tune We Go

If I were a betting man, I would wager your disk IO system is probably the biggest bottleneck in your SQL Server right now. Sure, there are lots of moving pieces, but if you can tame the IO situation, you are putting yourself in the drivers seat.

Episode 21: Azure Data Factory

As one of the newest Azure offerings, Azure Data Factory can at first thought be compared to SSIS. I don’t think we are quite there yet with the comparisons; however, I talk with MVP Reza Rad and discuss some of the similarities and differences between the two.

Episode 19: How Solid State Drives Can Help SLQ Server

A hard drive is a hard drive, right? Storage has come a long way, but is probably still the biggest bottleneck in your system. Solid State Drives (ssd) have changed the rules in terms of performance and there is new technology on the horizon to allow us to access our data even faster.

Episode 17: SQL Server Partitioning

Do you find you have tables and indexes that have grown really large? Are you moving around a lot more data than you used to? Are your windows for jobs and maintenance getting tighter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, partitioning may be for you!

Episode 15: Working at a University

Compañeros, today we’re going to take a look at the life of two DBAs that work at a university, and get their experiences. The release date for this episode is October 28th of 2015.

Episode 13: The Apply Operator

Today we’re going to talk about the APPLY operator, something that I probably am not using enough. I happened to be in Pittsburgh listening to Kevin Feasel’s talk about the APPLY operator. He kind of made me a believer.

Episode 11: SQL Server Statistics

Today were talking about statistics, with Grant Fritchey from Redgate Software. Grant is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, and product evangelist for Redgate.

Episode 9: Database Automation

This is episode 9, and today we’re talking about automation. Interestingly enough, the September 2015 T-SQL Tuesday theme was “Strategies for Managing an Enterprise.”

Episode 07: SQL Server Security

I chat with Microsoft MVP Chris Bell about database security and some of the seemingly cavalier attitudes some organizations have about keeping data safe.

Episode 05: Principle of Least Privilege

Robert Verell and I chat about good security practices and the principle of least privilege.

Episode 03: Backup and Recovery

Let’s start at the very beginning–making sure you have a good backup!

Episode 01: Working at Microsoft

I chat with Ayman Al-Ghazali and Tim McAliley about their careers at Microsoft and the impact it has made on them.  We talk about keeping up with technology and the importance of mentoring.

Episode 110 : How do I build trust with my team?

How can I build trust with my team?

Episode 108: The Future of the Relational Database

How databases are changing and what that means for the administrator

Episode 106: Temporal Tables

Get point in time information on a data in table

Episode 102: Monitoring Availability Groups

We discuss how you can monitor and get alerts on your availability groups.

Episode 100: Role Reversal

Steve and I share some of the stories that led us to where we are today.

Episode 98: The First Change

What is the first change you make after you install SQL Server?

Episode 96: Building Community Tools

Some thoughts on what makes a good community project.

Episode 94: Qlik Technologies

A brief introduction to Qlik visualizations for the SQL Server Pro.

Episode 92: SSDT

Discussing the new data tools in Visual Studio with the program manager.

Episode 90 : DBCC CheckDB

The case for why you really should be running the command DBCC CheckDB.

Episode 88: SharePoint

Why can’t we all just get along?  The trouble with SharePoint.

Episode 86: tSQLt

Automated unit testing is closer than ever with the tSQLt framework.

Episode 84: MVP

The two-time Microsoft MVP talks with us about her journey and what it takes to make the cut.

Episode 82: Indexes Part 2

We continue our conversation on indexes and talk about care and feeding.

Episode 80: Containers

We talk with Andrew Pruski about containers in SQL Server and how he is running them in Windows environments.

Episode 78: Conversion to SQL Server 2016

Brian Carrig from ChannelAdvisor shares his experience converting to SQL Server 2016 and some of the features they are using.

Episode 76: Availability Group Improvements

Jimmy May shares his experience testing the improvements to the availability groups.

Episode 74: 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Goals

Steve and I talk about 2016 and what lays in store for 2017.

Episode 72: Test Automation for Business Intelligence

How can you automate testing for a data warehouse–we have some ideas.

Episode 70: SQL Server on Linux

Travis Wright is the program manager for the SQL Server transition to SQL Server on Linux.

Episode 68: SSIS Administration

For all of us working with data, we know that we work not only with SQL Server but the suite of tools around the SQL Server engine. In this episode, we share some thoughts around SSIS administration, which is the most popular ETL tool in the Microsoft stack.

Episode 66: The Microsoft Professional Program

In episode 66 I talk with Microsoft Training Author Graeme Malcolm. After talking with Patrick Thomas in episode 64, I was introduced to Microsoft’s newest learning curriculum, the Microsoft academy, and their first offering in data science.

Episode 64: Are Microsoft Certifications Worth it?

In Episode 64 of the SQL Data Partners Podcast, I talk to Patrick Thomas the program manager for the Microsoft MCP and MCT programs and the role they play at Microsoft and in what way they continue to provide value, including what’s in store for data science learners and what he thinks of the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn.

Episode 62: Ask me anything--Cortana Intelligence Suite

Have you heard the buzz around the Cortana Intelligence Suite? It seems like it is all the rage these days and Microsoft is coming out with lots of new features in this space.

Episode 60: U-SQL

In the never ending catalog of Azure services, we invite AZ into the studio to talk about U-SQL and where it fits into the pyramid of tools available for us to use.

Episode 58: Four Ways to Stay Sharp with Technical Learning

With all the changes in technology, how do you stay up to date with your technical learning?  This is a question we have been asking our guests the last several episodes. In this episode we, the hosts, attempt to answer this question and give some thoughts on how we stay up to date.

Episode 56: Favorite SQL Server 2016 Features

We are joined by Jonathan Stewart, Kevin Feasel, Mike Fal, and Microsoft employee Scott Klein to discuss our favorite SQL Server 2016 features during the Columbus SQLSaturday event in July.

Episode 54: An Executive Panel with Andrew Rose and Jim McCullen

We chat with CEO Andrew Rose from compare.com and Jim McCullen VP of technology with Century Distribution about how they see the role of the database administrator changing and what they would like to see DBAs bring to the table.

Episode 52: Revolution Analytics in SQL Server

We talk about using Revolution Analytics or R with SQL Server: its origins, how to get started, and what to look out for as your organization starts looking at implementing R.

Episode 50: SQL Server Settings

Microsoft has provided a few knobs for us to tweak in the Operating System, the local security policy, and in the engine itself.

Episode 48: Is the on-premesis Data Warehouse Dead?

The last several years have brought a myriad of new technologies for how to store and report on your data. Microsoft’s first cloud offering was all about services in the cloud and they were pitching an ‘everything in the cloud’ approach.

Episode 46: Unraveling Code

Have you ever looked at some tsql code and thought: How does it even run? I know I have and it can be daunting to take a piece of code and review it for performance or to make a change to it.

Episode 44: Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Episode 44 takes us into a new service in the Microsoft cloud–Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Episode 42: SQL Server Auditing

Today’s stop on the SQL Trail is all about SQL Server auditing. We all know we should do it, but is the default setup really going to keep you covered?

Episode 40: Squeezing Data With Compression

Let’s squeeze ALL the data–perhaps not always the best idea.

Episode 38: SQL 2016

Episode 38 of the SQL Data Partners Podcast covers a SQL 2016 case study that really shows the value of a knowledgeable SQL Server DBA using the latest SQL Server toolset.

Episode 36: Azure Virtual Servers

We discuss when to use virtual machines in Azure, and the difference between Azure SQL Server and Azure VMs running SQL Server.

Episode 34: In-Memory OLTP

You’ve heard of Hekaton and in-memory OLTP before, but what does in-memory really mean for your database? Perhaps you have questions like I did, like how does in-memory OLTP differ from disk-based tables? What data types aren’t allowed in in-memory tables? Is in-memory only an “on premises” feature or does Hekaton work in Azure too? Is there a minimum amount of memory required for in-memory tables?

Episode 32: Level Up Your Game With PowerShell

PowerShell, isn’t that a Windows Administration tool? This is certainly how it is positioned by Microsoft, but why should the DBA community give it more than a passing glance? My guest is Mike Fal and we chat about ways data pros can use PowerShell.

Bruce Van Horn

Episode 30: The Best Investment You Can Make

Think of one big investment that will be made this year.  How will it affect you?  You will make many decisions and purchase different things, but the biggest investment you should be involved in is the investment in yourself.

Episode 28: How Do You Know There Is A Problem? Baselines!

Have you ever had a situation where performance got worse and you were sure why?  Do you keep records of when changes happen to your system?  How do we know there’s a problem?  If we have a baseline, this can help us out.

Episode 26: DevOps for the Database - Everyone is doing it, right?

DevOps for the database–you have probably heard the term if you work in an organization that is deploying code on a regular basis. The developers have this down to a science, and now it is the database’s turn.

Episode 24: Query Store

One of the new features being added to SQL Server 2016 is the Query Store which will allow for greater access to the performance history of your databases. This is going to be extremely helpful when you are approached about ‘What happened this morning?’ With the Query Store feature, you will now be able to provide some insight into that question.

Episode 22: Eight Years of sp_whoisactive

If you are using SQL Server and haven’t used sp_whoisactive before, I invite you go and download it right now, then come back and listen to the program. We will wait for you.

Episode 20: The Role of Mentors

We all start somewhere and if you can find a mentor who will help you on your way by pointing you in a direction you had not considered, you are a lucky person indeed. This episode I chat some fellow podcasters about their experience with mentors and the characteristics we think good mentors have.

Episode 18: BIML

I learn stuff every day. In this episode I tackle a new subject for me and one I am hearing a lot about–BIML. BIML is a markup language you can use to build your SSIS packages.

Episode 16: SQL Server Agent

Welcome to another great edition. I’m super excited to have Mark Wilkinson on the show today. As this goes to show you, you can always learn something new. One of the great things about the SQL Server community is their willingness to share.

Episode 14: SQL Server Clustering

Today, we are talking about clustering, with Paul Popovich. Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, this is the clustering that has been around for a while. I think at least 2005, it was available. This is not the availability groups that have become a little bit more popular in SQL Server 2012.

Episode 12: Database Corruption

We’re talking about corruption today. Certainly, that’s a challenge that all data professionals need to consider. Steve had a corruption challenge earlier this year and it was very heavily attended. Lots of big names threw their hat into the ring there.

Episode 10: Text Anxiety and Test Preparation

Today we’re going to change things up a little bit, and talk about Test Anxiety when it comes to Certification Testing. We’re also going to discuss some preparation techniques that we can use as well. Before we get into the guest for today’s show, we do have a few changes coming, and that is, I have a new microphone.

Episode 08: Database Design

I chat with Louis Davidson about database design and get his thoughts on some strategies on how to go about making your design and what tools are available to help you.

Episode 06: Build Your Personal Brand

Steve Jones and I talk about the need to build your own brand and we share a few ideas on how to do that.

Episode 04: Advanced Backup Techniques with Tim Radney

We finish up our conversation with MVP Tim Radney on backup options with discussions on advanced techniques like encryption and backing up to Azure.

Episode 02: Extended Events

I speak with Javier Villegas a 20-year veteran in the DBA world, from the beautiful country of Argentina, about extended events and what they are used for.

Episode 00: Why the podcast?

Today I am super happy to announce the launch of my podcast and I start with episode 00. In this episode I take some time to go through my journey in becoming a data professional and how I think the podcast will be of value to you.