SQL Data Partners Joins Marathon Consulting

We’re Beginning An Exciting New Chapter For Our Data Solutions Services

Support and Guidance Where it Counts

Managing your Microsoft Data Platform requires a lot of time and talent, siphoning resources away from your core business. We can help. We eliminate the pain of working with data so you can do more.


We’re database management consultants who specialize in the Microsoft Data Platform. Our powerful partnerships enable us to help you do more with your data.

Eliminate billing surprises and invest in your data platform with confidence.

We offer flat-fee consulting rather than billing hours and expenses. Wherever possible, we price by tier so your cost is proportional to your business. You’ll know exactly what your spend is before we begin working together. You’ll also get a money-back guarantee.

Transparent, Flat-Fee Consulting

Flexible, Tier-Based Pricing

Money-Back Guarantee


Learn from our experience. We embed staff development in our engagements, but we also offer training, host a podcast and sponsor an annual conference.

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