SQL Saturday 168 Tampa Florida

SQL Saturday 168 Tampa Florida

SQL Saturday 168 Tampa Florida 150 150 Carlos L Chacon

Saturday November 17th found me in Tampa Florida for SQL Saturday 168, a BI focused conference.  I have had limited opportunities to work in the BI space so I was anxious to learn more and see what the learning curve would be.  I have a client that would like to do BI project and I wanted to see if I could get a better idea of what it would take.  My family and I had been vacationing in Florida that week and I almost considered cutting our trip short and not going–I am glad I went.  It was a good event.

The presentations were good, but they were ALMOST overshadowed by the food!  They had a homemade spread of chicken, rice, beans and veggies and it was excellent.  My conference attendance is somewhat limited, but this was hands down the best food I have eaten at a conference.

My big take aways from the conference were

  1. Self service BI is pretty cool.  The new tools in Excel, DataViewer, and SSAS and pretty need and I hope to be able to get more access to these tools.
  2. Big data is not as scary to me now as it was before the conference.  I was concerned about all the focus on big data and how that would affect me as a DBA.  There is still quite a bit of ramp up; however, it was to my great surprise that Adam Jorgensen said you could be up and running on https://www.hadooponazure.com/ in 2 hours and change.  Course, I haven’t put that statement to the test yet, but let’s just say it is on my to do list.

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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