SQLSaturday #254 EL Salvador

SQLSaturday #254 EL Salvador

SQLSaturday #254 EL Salvador 150 150 Carlos L Chacon

On October 5th, I had the opportunity to go to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, to attend SQLSaturday #254 organized by César Oviedo.  This was the first SQLSaturday in that country and the event has hosted by the Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador, a private university that offers various degrees–not exclusively technology related.  The university welcomed us with open arms and welcomed us like foreign dignitaries making an official visit.  As the technology sector has been weak in El Salvador, the university was amazed that professionals from outside of country would come on their own dime to speak about technology.  The event was in the national paper and a radio interview was arranged with the school and the organizers.  With schools in Nicaragua and Honduras, the university is considering having events at those locations as well.


The University banner.

Everyone was very excited and the excitement was palpable.  There was a formal introduction with the president of the school and the technology director.  There were several people taking pictures and I hope to put some up soon.

We came to understand the university offers classes 7 days a week, so in addition to our being there, we were able to see some of the other classes going on at the same time.  We had three tracks, down one due to some last-minute changes, and each speaker was asked to give two sessions.  As always, those who attended were exposed to new concepts and ideas and there was an earnest desire to learn.

The food was very good--yucca con chicharones

The food was very good–yucca con chicharones

With Wayne Sheffield’s b|t permission, I modified his Temp Tables–What you need to know session to Spanish and gave my Fair or foul presentation as well.  The sessions were well received and students asked some good questions.  I had modified my presentation to include a game of sorts where I asked the audience their thoughts on certain syntax and put a correct or incorrect image on the screen after they answered.  Before I started setting up, they asked me if they could have my presentation as the room had computers for each student.  I said yes, without thinking and it was not until the second question was answered immediately I knew the ‘game’ was up as they each had my presentation.  🙂  One of the words I always have saying is stored procedures (procedimientos almacenados) and the students had a chuckle when I got tongue-tied.

The organizer of the event was César Oviedo t, who is from Costa Rica.  I was impressed that he was able to organize the event remotely and the way everything came together.  The SQL community never ceases to amaze me at their willingness to share and help others.  I hope those who attend and speak will continue to appreciate the efforts required to put on these types of events and will be slow to criticize an organizer. (Especially other speakers)  At the event, I met Adrian Miranda t, Ahias Lopez t, and Jose Redondo t for the first time and they are great folks.  If you get a chance to meet them, don’t pass it up.

It is nice to see the LATAM region growing and I hope to be able to participate in more community events.  See you on the SQL trail.

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