All Aboard the Azure Train

All Aboard the Azure Train

All Aboard the Azure Train 150 150 Carlos L Chacon

AzureDatabaseI spent a week out in Seattle at the PASS Summit even the last week of October, and my goal was simple–absorb as much as I could about Azure.  What made that goal super simple was the number of Microsoft folks present in the SQL Server Clinic–I met the program managers from the Stretch tables group, the Azure SQL database group, the Query Store group and even spoke with a few customers about their growing pains.

When I looked at Azure about 3 years ago, it was a shell of the current state.  I am not saying there aren’t still issues; however, it is really coming into shape nicely.  When you consider that Microsoft has more infrastructure than Google and Amazon COMBINED, it should get you thinking.  My own state of Virginia will have 2 MILES of nothing but servers when the current plan is complete.

It is currently a 6 BILLION dollar business and I see more and more companies wanted to take advantage of it.

I spoke with James Phillips, the VP of the Business Applications in the BI space and what is interesting is how IT jobs are going to change with the adoption of the cloud.  He said “the move the cloud is inevitable” and we can either be a part of it or be left behind.  Some of the traditional roles we no play will no longer be needed; however, when we talk about connecting systems those roles will be more important than ever.

I know I am making an effort to switch my business around Azure and I am not along.  Join the march, and I will see you on the Azure SQL trail.  🙂

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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