Episode 39: Statistics Parser

Episode 39: Statistics Parser

Episode 39: Statistics Parser 150 150 Carlos L Chacon

Today on the SQL Trail I talk with Richie Rump. Richie is a podcaster, blogger, and now “Dataveloper” at Brent Ozar. He and I discuss the story behind Statistics Parser, including how an Excel spreadsheet and a training in Atlanta prompted him to create the tool. Richie walks us through how it works and why it’s beneficial for both developers and DBAs. He also divulges his preferred settings for SET STATISTICS IO and why he doesn’t worry about physical reads. We then chat about the changes in his career and navigating the space between developer and DBA. Finally, we go into #SQLFamily, where he shares his favorite SQL Server tools and the career advice that brought him success.

Episode 39 Quote:
“…So at the end of the day, I started writing this IO parser engine in JavaScript. And by later that night when I landed in Miami, essentially the core of the engine had been written.” – Richie

Listen to learn…

  • How one Brent Ozar training in Atlanta inspired Statistics Parser
  • The Excel spreadsheet that started it all
  • How to use Statistics Parser
  • The security concerns you shouldn’t worry about
  • Why Richie uses SET STATISTICS IO ON and SET STATISTICS TIME ON for every query
  • Upcoming features for Statistics Parser
  • The meaning of his new “Dataveloper” job title
  • The book that inspired Richie’s dream super power
  • How “you’re fired” helped him succeed

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Show Notes

About Richie Rump
Richie Rump is a Project Manager turned Developer-DBA Middleman that he calls being a “Dataveloper”. He’s a consultant with Brent Ozar Unlimited and the developer behind Statistics Parser. Richie has spoken at SQL Saturdays on topics like, “The T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2012 You Can’t Ignore” and “Database Design Disasters: Common Mistakes Found in the Wild” and founded dotNet Miami. He is also a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). When he’s not working and presenting, he’s co-hosting the Away From the Keyboard Podcast.

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