Episode 44: Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Episode 44: Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Episode 44: Azure SQL Data Warehouse Carlos L Chacon

Compañeros, it is time for another episode of the SQL Data Partners podcast.  Episode 44 takes us into a new service in the Microsoft cloud–Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  While still in preview, the Azure SQL Data Warehouse looks to help level the playing field for organizations that want to analyze their data without the expense of creating a data warehouse.  Sound a bit counter intuitive?  Check out this episode to find what the service is all about and what the future of data processing might look like.

Quote From the Episode

“It is an interesting time in the technology space with the convergence of different data types . . . into systems like SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, and key value pair systems.”

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Listen to learn . . .
  • What is the Azure SQL Data Warehouse service
  • What types of organizations might want to consider this service
  • Why you still need to look at the entire flow of data for ETL processes
  • How a laundry mat company used analytics to increase business by 30%

About Matt Usher

Matt Usher is the program manager for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse for Microsoft, where he has been for the last 8 years.


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