Episode 45: Service Broker

Episode 45: Service Broker

Episode 45: Service Broker 560 420 Carlos L Chacon

Compañeros, we are going to get back into the engine this episode and go back to a feature that has been available since 2005–Service Broker.  If you are wondering what service broker is–you aren’t alone.  In this episode, I chat with Wolf about how he uses it, the major components, and scenarios where you might use it.

Service broker, like the early version of extended events, doesn’t get much love due to the lack of a GUI.  If you are using service broker, I would love to hear from you below in the comments.  How are you using it?  What issues have you had?

Wolf on Twitter
Link to Wolf’s presentation

About Wolf

Wolf works as a database manager for RDX in Pittsburgh, PA.  He has been a DBA for 15 years, originally starting with Oracle and them moving over to SQL Server.  He loves to ride his motorcycle and is a regular speaker at local SQL Server events.

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