Episode 46: Unraveling Code

Episode 46: Unraveling Code

Episode 46: Unraveling Code 560 420 Carlos L Chacon

Have you ever looked at some tsql code and thought–How does even run? I know I have and it can be daunting to take a piece of code and review it for performance or to make a change to it.  I enlist the help of Jen McCown from the MidnightDBA team to discuss approaches to unraveling code.  We tackle the issues of nested views, documentation, formatting, Hungarian Notation, and visualizing how all the code pieces fit together.

Thinking of modeling your database after the system tables?  Well, Jen has a few thought for you there and share her pet peeves about where things went a bit awry with the internal tables.

At the end of the day, we just want our code to be understandable and usable for the next person who has to review it, because that next person just might be you.  🙂  This episode packs in a little humor with some nuggets of thought on how you might go about unraveling your next code snippet.

What is your biggest pain point when it comes to unraveling code?  Do missing semicolon’s just drive you up the wall?  Lets us know in the comments below.

Episode Quote

“Just look at the code . . Well, as nice as that sounds, sometimes just looking at the code is not good enough to understand what is going on.”

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Show Notes

Jen on Twitter
Today’s Performance Tip: Views are for Convenience, Not Performance!
Bad habits to kick : avoiding the schema prefix

About Jen McCown

Jen is 1/2 the team at MidnightDBA with her husband Sean and a frequent contributor to the community.  She is a proud mother.  When she is not writing documentation or unraveling code from her home in Texas, you might find her at the vendor booth for MinionWare software.


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