Episode 207: SQL Trail 2020 Retrospective

Episode 207: SQL Trail 2020 Retrospective

Episode 207: SQL Trail 2020 Retrospective 1025 601 Carlos L Chacon

SQL Trail 2020 was a success!

There was a time I was unconvinced this would be the case. This is not to say we didn’t have issues; however, talking with others helped us avoid some common pitfalls and make our event unique. While we were virtual, I sent all the attendees a conference t-shirt, some swag, and cookies! I wanted everyone to feel some excitement and a connection I am not sure would be possible in a virtual setting. You can listen to the podcast or read the transcripts for other details; however, here are some big takeaways:

– Half day was the exact right choice as Zoom fatigue is real.
– Breakout rooms are awesome.
– Even though we had virtual rooms, we should still have specific end times.
– Virtual events need stricter adherence to a schedule than in-person events.

I am grateful to my team, who helped make it happen and I am looking forward to the next one!

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“I still continue to believe that virtual conferences are the sourdough starter of the tech world right now, and so it’ll be interesting to see how that shakes out as time goes on.”

Eugene Meidinger
Episode 207: SQL Trail 2020 Retrospective

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