Episode 223: Podcast Update

Episode 223: Podcast Update

Episode 223: Podcast Update 560 420 Carlos L Chacon

With both Kevin and Eugene busy this week, Carlos went solo to share a few changes to the podcast, including the Twitch livestream moving to Tuesday, how you can support the podcast, and podcast episodes going back to being published every other Wednesday. If you have a subject that you’d like to chat about on the podcast with us, we’d love to schedule a time with you…go to sqldatapartners.com/podcast to sign up. We invite you to submit to our Call for Speakers for SQL Trail June 2021, starting April 15th, and whether you speak or not, to attend SQL Trail on June 15th. Carlos also discusses how you can join the SQL Data Partners team as an independent contractor.

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“I am overcome with a sense of nostalgia. I decided not to livestream this. It’s me in a room with my microphone and I can’t help but realize, 6 years ago [I decided to] make a podcast.”

Carlos L Chacon

3 Takeaways

  1. Sometimes the podcast has to take a backseat, but don’t worry, it’s still in the car.
  2. We’ve opened a Call for Speakers and invite all to join us June 15th for more SQL Trail 2021!
  3. Independent contractors with working hours available are invited to join the SQL Data Partners team.

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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