Episode 231: Mental Health and Wellness in IT

Episode 231: Mental Health and Wellness in IT

Episode 231: Mental Health and Wellness in IT 560 420 Carlos L Chacon

Everyone has bad days; however, how those bad days develop are unique to each of us. In a special episode, we chat with Tracy Boggiano about her experiences with Mental Health, how she has dealt with it, how each of us can work on our own mental health, and phrases we should avoid saying to those with mental health issues. Our own Eugene Meidinger shares a story on negative thinking and how damaging it can be. We hope this conversation will help foster ideas on how you can feel more comfortable talking about Mental Health and making it easier for those who struggle.

One of the core principles at SQL Data Partners is to “Act in a way that expresses care, hope, love, and joy”.  As we talked during the episode, I was struck by how this principle is correlated to mental health. I had not made the connection before. While we may not be able to solve other problems, we can show support by expressing care, hope, love, and joy. If we can foster these environments, it will make it easier to get through our own bad day when they happen.

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Here is the It’s Not About the Nail video that Eugene mentioned.

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Our Guest

Tracy Boggiano

Tracy is the Database Superhero for DocuSign. Tracy does many things in the Microsoft Data Platform Community and is Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Tracy has volunteered through the NC Guardian ad Litem program since 2003 being the voice for abused and neglected foster children in the court system. This is her passion outside of SQL Server and favorite, most important job. Tracy also volunteers on the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Council for the Disability Rights of North Carolina and has received her Mental Health First Aide certification. When Tracy isn’t volunteering at the places above, she likes to be making a difference somewhere else.

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I looked at some statistics…and I’ve seen that IT is higher than the general population when it comes to the percentage of people that suffer from mental health issues.

Tracy Boggiano

3 Takeaways

  1. All of us need to care for our mental health.
  2. How we care for our mental health will differ from person to person.
  3. Providing a listening ear is preferred to trying to fix the problem.

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