Episode 234: Communication Tips for the IT Pro

Episode 234: Communication Tips for the IT Pro

Episode 234: Communication Tips for the IT Pro 560 420 Carlos L Chacon

As a data pro, you are negotiating and problem-solving all the time, often without knowing it. Your success as a professional as your company evolves its Data Platform depends on how well you can communicate and influence. It’s a scary thought, but your ability to negotiate with the business directly often determines if your projects get funded. Those skills are arguably as important as your T-SQL. In this episode, we chat with Blythe Morrow about strategies you can incorporate to better communicate with those around you.

Our Guest

Blythe Morrow

Blythe works with a team of people who love Data Platform and technology marketing. She started 10 years ago as the Community Manager for PASS and now spends her days helping companies that build products and services on the Microsoft Data Platform. She offers advice to CMOs and CEOs on how to competitively position their companies, create and manage their brands, enter the digital arena, and maximize marketing investments.

She runs the GroupBy conference with Eugene Meidinger, Daniel Hutmacher, Aaron Nelson, and her colleague Jeremy.

She has a Preconference workshop at the PASS Summit this November on Master Communication and Influencing Skills helping IT Pros communicate with clarity and pitch with confidence. She’s speaking on the WIT panel about gender equality at the Summit too!

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It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do. If you can tell a good story and negotiate your point in the right way, you can get positive results.

Blythe Morrow

3 Takeaways

  1. Don’t be the hero of your story—be the guide.
  2. Books by the Foot
  3. Mirroring (not copying) can be an effective communication technique.

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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