Episodes 237 and 238: Getting Started with Power BI

Episodes 237 and 238: Getting Started with Power BI

Episodes 237 and 238: Getting Started with Power BI 560 420 Carlos L Chacon

Power BI has been described as a “self-service” BI platform. While that may bring to mind an image of easy-peasy, plug-and-play, there are a few things most organizations will want to address before turning users loose with Power BI. In this conversation, Brandon Michals helps us take a look at three areas of consideration: your company, your people, and your data. Spending the time to think through and take the appropriate action in each of these areas will go a long way towards helping your organization achieve a successful Power BI implementation.

Our Guest

Brandon Michals

Brandon Michals is the founder of Infinext, a company aligned to help organizations manage their data, with a focus on data integration and implementation of business intelligence solutions. His career started out as a small detour while waiting for his bar exam results, and he’s been running from the law ever since.

As a developer for the past two decades, he brings experience in working with data from a range of business sectors, including logistics, retail, real estate, and human services. His passion lies in helping clients to overcome data-related challenges and equipping them to be better at the work they do every day. He writes about his experiences in the data world at infinext.com.

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When you’re thinking about implementing Power BI, you really want to have an objective view of what your organization’s data culture is.

Brandon Michals

3 Takeaways

  1. Asking “what action can I take with this data” can help ensure you present the most helpful data to your users.
  2. When adopting Power BI, users must learn both a new tool AND a new way to look at data.
  3. Data Governance is not an IT process—it is a people process.

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