Episode 248: Inventory Documentation

Episode 248: Inventory Documentation

Episode 248: Inventory Documentation 720 540 Carlos L Chacon

How do you keep records of your SQL Server environments?  Patching levels, security accounts, configuration options, maintenance jobs and the like are some of the pieces we have to keep organized.  Are you using something besides Excel to keep up with this?  Sure, we can use the Content Management Server (CMS) to query across several instances, but we still need to organize this information somewhere.  Our guests for this episode, Sean and Jen McCown, discuss inventory challenges with us and why this information is important.  We might also get into some new features of their software, Minion Enterprise.  If you have a suggestion we didn’t discuss, please let us know!

Our Guests

Jennifer McCown

Jen McCown is a 20-year SQL Server DBA, Microsoft Certified Master, speaker, and CEO. 7 years ago she and Sean launched MinionWare LLC to build software that manages, audits, and maintains dozens or hundreds of SQL Server instances.  She lives near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado with Sean and the kids, and an actual menagerie of pets.

Book a chat with Jen at Calendly.com/JenniferMcCown, and connect on LinkedIn at Linkedin.com/in/JenniferMcCown. She is @MidnightDBA on Twitter.

Sean McCown

Sean McCown is a DBA, international speaker, and Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server with over 20 years of experience in high-end databases. He is also founder and co-owner of MinionWare LLC, creator and author of the wildly popular Minion Maintenance and Minion Enterprise tools.

SeanMcCown on Calendly and LinkedIn, @HeyMinionWare on Twitter.

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If you’ve got the right scripts, what’s the difference between having 17,000 databases on one server or one database across 17,000 servers?

Sean McCown

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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