Episode 254: Code Smell Checks with sp_Develop

Episode 254: Code Smell Checks with sp_Develop

Episode 254: Code Smell Checks with sp_Develop 720 540 Carlos L Chacon

Would you be interested in a tool to help you do code review checks and provide developers guidance on best practices? In this episode of the SQL Data Partners Podcast, we talk with Kevin Martin, the creator of sp_Develop, about how his procedure can help you review naming conventions, table conventions, data type conventions, SQL code conventions, data issues, and even configuration issues. Kevin was approached about writing a best practice document but ended up writing a stored procedure you and I can use to help our environment. We love sharing what community members have done and hope you enjoy this conversation with Kevin on the tool. He is looking for folks to help him build out items, so if you have a suggestion, be sure to include it in GitHub.

Our Guest

Kevin Martin

Kevin works as a Senior Data Architect for the Custom Software Development and Database & Analytics services company named Emergent Software. Emergent is a Microsoft Triple-Gold Partner in Application Development, Cloud Platform, and Data Platform.

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“There’s a lot of code smells and stuff like that out there, but nothing that is built right to run inside of a database, that I’ve found.”

Kevin Martin

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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