Episode 259: T-SQL Snapshot Backups

Episode 259: T-SQL Snapshot Backups

Episode 259: T-SQL Snapshot Backups 720 540 Carlos L Chacon

We kick off the new year discussing a new feature in SQL Server 2022 called Transact-SQL snapshot backups. Good luck with the Google search on this feature–we know we had fun. 😊 These are not the snapshot backups you were frustrated with in 2005. We talk a little bit about who will be interested in this feature and what scenarios it will come in handy. The hardware vendors seem particularly excited about this future as they can now introduce snapshots without needing a third-party application like Veeam to do that for them. We predict more collaboration between the database administrator and the hardware administrator with this feature. We also get a couple of use case scenarios from the community that we share in this episode. Are you looking forward to using snapshots more effectively in your environment? Please let us know your thoughts!

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“One of the changes is that SQL Server will support the RESTORE of those snapshots and you can restore it in NORECOVERY mode and add logs to it.”

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