Episode 260: Contained Availability Groups

Episode 260: Contained Availability Groups

Episode 260: Contained Availability Groups 720 540 Carlos L Chacon

We’re back with another SQL Server 2022 feature—Contained Availability Groups.  Have you ever failed over to a secondary node and then found a job or login missing?  This new Enterprise-only feature aims to solve this problem by ‘containing’ all the objects—master, msdb, AND the availability database all in one group so you can manage everything you need when you have to fail over.  Brandon Leach returns after more than 200 episodes to give us the lowdown on this new feature and walk us through where you should start planning your upgrade.

Our Guest

Brandon Leach

A Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Brandon is a senior member of the DB Operations team for financial company x. With a data estate of several petabytes across thousands of servers, he puts a high focus on performance tuning and automation at scale. He is a frequent speaker at events like conferences and user groups.

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“It’s a hard boundary line. If you create a job in there by being connected to the listener, that job will not appear in SQL Agent on the base instance itself, and visa versa.”

Brandon Leach

Imagine what’s possible with a dedicated SQL specialist on your team.

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