Episode 261: The Data Lakehouse

Episode 261: The Data Lakehouse

Episode 261: The Data Lakehouse 720 540 Carlos L Chacon

It would appear Microsoft has run out of words to use for new features/products, so they are just going to recycle existing words for a bit of fun at our expense.  In this episode we explore the Azure Data Lakehouse—which is not a data lake, nor a traditional data warehouse and Books Online (BOL) refers to it as Databricks Lakehouse.  Luke Moloney walks us through how combining the flexibility of data lake storage with some ACID transaction and data governance gives organizations looking to analyze their data a new option.  The hope is the cost to build, store, and analyze data will be easier and more approachable for organizations who don’t want to go with the traditional data warehouse model.  This still feels like an Enterprise feature to me but let me know if your organization would be interested in this approach.  As always, special thanks to Luke and the folks at Microsoft for making themselves available to us.

Our Guest

Luke Moloney

Luke Moloney is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where he focuses on Analytics technologies – particularly Azure Synapse Analytics.
He has previously been a Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft. Prior to that, he worked in consulting building cloud data platforms.
He currently resides in Dublin, Ireland, and can be found on Twitter @lukemoloney.

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“Am I keeping every piece of data until the end of time, or alternatively, am I getting rid of data very quickly? But there’s generally a balance.”

Luke Moloney

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