When your database performs better, so does your business.

Your teams complain of slow run times, unresolvable error messages and — as a result — an endless stream of service tickets. You can’t complete your overnight maintenance before users get back on the system each day, but you have no idea what’s causing the delays.

We diagnose database performance issues so you can improve operations and free up your tech talent to focus on moving the needle instead of maintaining the status quo.


You don’t need staff, you need specialized help. We’ll improve performance without increasing the headcount.


Understand what’s wrong and how to fix it. We’ll walk you through our assessment and provide a roadmap for next steps.

  • We can usually conduct an assessment in five business days. We start with a stakeholder interview to hear more about your challenges. Then we install a command line tool to collect diagnostic data. Finally, we create a report and present it to your entire team.

  • We charge a flat fee for our database health assessment. And, if you hire to us to fix them, we’ll credit the cost of your SQL Checkup to your account. You’ll even get a money-back guarantee.

    Web $750     Standard $1500     Enterprise $2750

Tired of database drama?

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